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Photo Credit: libraryman via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: libraryman via Compfight cc

Today I want to share with you a free program that my coworker found online. This program allows you to set up the whole service to be projected on the overhead screen. The program’s name is Open Song. I know that in the States, having songs projected in the church can be a sensitive subject. However, on the field, we lack hymn and chorus books. Hymnbooks with music are not even available to purchase in the country. So, to make our lives easier and still have hymns and choruses that everyone can sing, we project our songs.

Following is the link to download the program:

This program is very easy to use. Once you have input a song it can be used over and over. You can pick out the songs you want to sing that service and line them up to be projected. Before we used this program, we used Power Point. It was clunky and required a lot of work to line up the song service. This program is so easy, I can line up the song service in 10 minutes. The program also works with Power Point, Open Office and iOS. You can even add in a video presentation to the service line up. Want to read a passage from the Bible? Two minutes, tops. We are blessed to have our version of the Bible in Portuguese (Trinitarian Bible Society from Brazil).

I have been using this program for over 4 years. It is easy to teach to others and easy to operate. If this is something that is lacking in your ministry, please give it a try.

* Open Song did not pay me to review this product. It is a review from years of experience with the program.

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